Vehicle Repairs 2 U

Mobile Servicing

At Mobile Vehicle Repairs we are able to service your vehicle whilst you’re at home or work. We also offer a discounted MOT and service, whereby you receive £10 off when you book both together. Have multiple vehicles that require an MOT or service? Get in touch for discount pricing!

Interim Service

FROM £59.95
  • Wheels Removed & Checked
  • Battery Check (start & charging systems)
  • Full 50 point check
  • *cost of parts not included

Service + MOT

FROM £99.95
  • Interim Service + MOT from £89.95
  • Premier Service + MOT from £119.95
  • Service at home or work
  • *cost of parts not included

Premier Service

FROM £79.95
  • Wheels Removed & Checked
  • Battery Check (start & charging systems)
  • Full 50 point check
  • *cost of parts not included

We carry out a 50 point check on all vehicles during a service

  • Check Vehicle History
  • Check Timing Belt Replacement Interval
  • Check For Damage To Bodywork, Lamps, Trims and Oil Levels
  • Fit Protective Covers
  • Check Condition and Operation Of all Seat Belts
  • Check Operation of Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Check Operation of ABS and Air Bag Warning Lights*
  • Check Air Conditioning Operation Including Bad Odour*
  • Check Windscreen
  • Washer and Wipes
  • Check Horn
  • Check Operation of Suspension Dampers
  • Lubricate All Door Hinges, Locks, And Bonnet Catches
  • Check Fuel Cap
  • Check Cooling System Including Fan Operation
  • Check and Record Anti-Freeze Protection
  • Check and Record Brake Fluid Condition
  • Check all Auxiliary Drive Belts (Not Timing Belt)
  • Check Engine Breather System
  • Check Vacuum Pipes
  • Check Power Steering Operation and Fluid Condition
  • Check Throttle Body. Clean If Required
  • Check Battery Condition
  • Check and Top Up all Under Bonnet Fluid Levels
  • Replace Air Filter*
  • Replace Spark Plugs*
  • Replace Fuel Filter*
  • Replace Pollen Filter*
  • Change Oil, Filter and Fit New Sump Plug Washer
  • Check Fuel Lines and Brake Pipes
  • Check the Condition and Security of the Exhaust
  • Check and Top Up Axle and Transfer Box Oil Levels*
  • Check and Top Up Gear Box Oil Level
  • Check All Steering and Suspension Joints, Mountings and Gaiters
  • Carry Out Tyre Report
  • Check all Wheel Bearings For Excessive ‘Play’ and Noise
  • Check CV Gaiters And Joints For Wear or Splits
  • Check Clutch Cable/Cylinder *
  • Grease All Greasing Points *
  • Check Operation and Condition of Front Brakes
  • Check Operation and Condition of Rear Brakes (Incl Handbrake)
  • Carry Out Brake Report
  • Refill Engine with Specified Grade Oil
  • Torque Wheel Nuts/Studs
  • Carry Out Diagnostic Check *
  • Reset Service Interval Indicator *
  • Road Test Vehicle and Report any Findings
  • Re-Check Engine Oil Level
  • Ensure ALl Upholstery, Gear Level, Steering Wheel etc. Are Clean
  • Stamp Service Book(s)