Report & Photos from Donington – 17 March 2018 - Vehicle Repairs 2U

Report & Photos from Donington – 17 March 2018

Freezing cold and snowy; that’s all I can remember of Donington.  I had high hopes of a top 10 qualifying position but it was not to be – a very disappointing 16th out of 30 was all I could muster.  My mind kept telling me the track was icy and I had no confidence to push hard.  The first corner, Redgate, was indeed slippery which only reinforced this impression but ironically the rest of the circuit had reasonable grip despite drifting snow!  A few more laps and I might have built up more speed but time was against me

As we queued up in the holding area to go out for Race 1 the snow came down thick and hard.  My side window was thickly covered in snow blocking out any view through it.  We waited for 45 minutes until the decision was finally made to cancel the entire weekend.  I have to confess to feeling quite relieved; it just didn’t seem sensible to race in sub zero temperatures.

At least the truck’s central heating worked well – we were warm and dry in it despite the elements.


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