Report & Photos from Cadwell Park - 28 & 29 July 2018 - Vehicle Repairs 2U

Report & Photos from Cadwell Park – 28 & 29 July 2018




Another trophy!!  We had our first visit to the top step of the podium; a proud and glorious moment only slightly spoiled by the torrential rain!  First in Class D of the Roadsports event was a good start to the weekend which turned out to be quite eventful!

Prior to this at 11pm the night before I was woken by my son’s startled cry of ‘the awnings blowing away’.  We dived out of our beds into the lashing rain and 46kt winds to wrestle the tattered and broken awning to the ground, which we hastily dismantled and threw into the lorry.  The morning was not much better and the Roadsport qualifying session was in heavy rain on a very wet track with alarmingly deep patches of standing water.  Aqua planning was a constant threat and I could feel the car drifting about on the high speed straights.  However by the time the race started the track had virtually dried out and we enjoyed a period of relative calm until the last 10 minutes when the rain made a reappearance.

Encouraged by the results on Saturday we went into the MR2 Championship Races with high hopes, which were to prove to be justified.  A best ever finish in 8th place in Race 2 was a great end to the weekend although it came at the cost of some battle damage with contact being made at the start of the Hall Bend complex when a competitor failed to leave me room at the apex to the first right hand bend.  He claimed my overtake had been ‘optimistic’ and the outcome of my protest to the stewards was deemed to be a 50/50 contribution.  I still disagree since the only rule contained in the Blue Book is that when a car is alongside a competitor’s car (which I clearly was), room must be given at the apex and the exit curb for both cars to remain on track.  Unfortunately my Gopro in car footage was corrupted by the Stewards laptop and I am unable to recover the video of the racing which is very disappointing.  At least the evidence would have been there for all to see!

Further damage was sustained in Race 1, this time on the other side of the car (keep it symmetrical!).  The event was understandable however.  As the photos above show, a car had spun at the Hairpin and ended up broadside across the track; not a good place to be.  I decided to pass in front of this car but the driver, concerned that he would be T-boned, moved forwards just as I passed and tagged my car causing quite a few dents and tears.  Can’t blame the man though, I would have probably done the same if I were in his position.

Overall then, we are making progress.  We’re gaining some experience of racing in the wet and gradually moving up the field.  It still isn’t fully representative because we were split into 3 groups given the number of MR2s that had entered.  The next 2 rounds at Silverstone will, however, be the acid test of whether we can break into the top 10.  It’s going to be tough but I am optimistic we can make it – we’ll see!


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