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Rockingham, 9th June 2018: the Highs & Lows of Motorsport!


After the fantastic results from Brands Hatch last month, June has proved to be the opposite end of the scale.  I went to Rockingham for a track day on Thursday before we were meant to be racing there on Saturday, 9th June.  The car was running really well and I was feeling optimistic for a top 10 finish in the race.  This was borne out by the fact that during the last practise session of the afternoon I was reeling in a fellow MR2 driver who ended up finishing 6th in the second race on Saturday.

Unfortunately, during this practise session my engine blew.   I’m not sure exactly what’s gone but it was fairly catastrophic.  So, no racing and lots of work to do!

I have another engine in my garage which I’d stripped and started to refurb a while ago but I don’t have time to complete the rebuild, test it, run it in, etc before the next race at Cadwell.  To that end I acquired a second hand running unit which Dave and I will put in the car and hope for the best until I can finish the other engine.  The damaged engine is out and we’re taking the opportunity to change the timing belt/check the valve clearances etc on the donor unit while it’s on the engine stand since these jobs are particularly difficult when the engine is in the car.

Onwards and upwards!!!


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